First review of Prelude

Transition Voice is the first publication to review Prelude. The new online magazine covers peak oil, climate change, economic crisis and the Transition movement response. Editor Erik Curren wrote this in his review entitled Sex, Lies and Peak Oil:

…the story-with-a-message has to find just the right balance of sugar and pill. Too much pill, and it’s not much of page turner. But too much sugar, and the message isn’t very strong. Though Cobb is an experienced peak oil blogger and speaker… he resists the temptation to put in too much pill…The story is able to develop suspense, tension and intrigue because Cobb keeps information about oil depletion and its possible consequences to a minimum.

Curren has picked up on exactly my method. The story comes first and the information about peak oil must fit into the story, not the other way round. I expect several other reviews in the coming weeks and will feature them here when they appear.


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