Interview on “Equal Time”

Here is  a radio interview I did last week on WDEV which is located in Waterbury, Vermont. Carl Etnier, host of the show “Equal Time,” started with my peak-oil-themed novel Prelude. Then, we went on to a wide-ranging discussion which covered who in government circles understands peak oil, Vermont’s new peak-oil-aware governor, the inscrutable and often unmanageably complex human-built systems within which we live, the advisability of using nature as a guide for redesigning those systems, and recent revelations in the media about exaggerated and perhaps fraudulent claims concerning the amount of natural gas we can expect from shale gas fields. The second half of the hour-long program is devoted to an interview with a Vermont Law School faculty member who discusses the fight over possible closure of the Yankee nuclear power plant in Vermont. Here again is the link for the entire program:

Equal Time Interview 6/27/11


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